Click to dial software for iPhone


Using AsteriskC2D for iPhone, you can dial using your VoIP PBX. currently We support, VonageAsterisktrixboxBroadsoft Anywherethirdlane.

Full list of Supported PBXs and their installation codes, also with youTube Video showing how to install it.

Depending on your PBX and it’s configuration you can route your calls either to your deskphone or your mobile, or indeed anywhere you like. When the phone rings answer it and you’ll be connected via your PBX to the number you dialed.

More PBXs can and are being added remotely. If your an Enterprise and would like to roll out to your users or would like us to include your PBX, you can request a PBX configuration which includes your necessary defaults, eg server IP, SSL, parameters, etc. Your users can then install this configuration by dialing an install code. For further details on this please contact me.

For asterisk, trixbox or any derivative of those you will need to install my server scripts.

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